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David oyedepo day of service

David Oyedepo Day Of Service (DODOS) was inspired by the contribution, heartbeat and lifestyle of Dr. David Oyedepo who has through several media and means dedicated his life to the service and upliftment of the human race all across the world. David Oyedepo Day Of Service is set to impart the Spirit and Culture of sacrifice in people, patterned after his tireless efforts to add value and show love relentlessly.

Over the past few years, DODOS has engaged hundreds of youth and scores of stakeholders who diligently served within their capacity reaching various communities and individuals.

Our interdependent world holds more opportunities for advancement than ever before and one evidence of advancement is in the flourishing and wealth of everything around us – people and systems alike, hence, the focus of DODOS – service to humanity.

At DODOS, we understand that the average man is all out for himself, but there would be no tangible progress if everyone continues in this mentality…

The David Oyedepo Day Of Service is set to imbibe the spirit and culture of sacrifice in people, patterned after his tireless effort(s) to impart, contribute and show love relentlessly.

This is a call to all individuals, families, groups and organizations to go the extra mile daily, doing something for others in whatever means they can and in whatever capacity they can.

This is a call for a mind shift from self-centeredness to selfless sacrifice.


We would like to inform you about David Oyedepo Day Of Service (DODOS) 2015, which is slated to run from the 21st – 27th of September, 2015.


You can be a part of this edition of DODOS in four easy steps:

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